Saturday, March 1, 2014

Would you make a GREAT Dental Assistant?

Are you ready to re-enter the job market?  Are you looking for a new career?  

Look no further!  You can become a professional Dental Assistant in 10 short weeks at The Salt Lake Academy of Dental Assisting!  Our Spring Semester starts on March 25, 2014.  We are halfway to capacity, call now to secure your spot in the next class!

What does it take to become a GREAT Dental Assistant?  Ask yourself these questions: 

Am I compassionate and empathetic, do I truly care about how people feel?

Would I have a good chairside manner?  Could I alleviate the nervousness that patients sometimes experience when coming to the dentist?

Do I love working with kids?  Could I make a difference in a Pediatric Dental Office?  Or do I love surgery?  Assisting the Oral Maxillofacial Surgeon during the intricacies of surgery?

Am I detail oriented?  Do I like things organized and neat?

Do I enjoy working with people, helping them improve their health and smile?

Do I value teamwork?  Would I like having input on how a dental office can run smoothly and efficiently?

Do I want to just work part time?  Would I love free/reduced dental care for me and my family?

If you answered yes, then a career in Dental Assisting could be right for you!  

We truly have a love and passion for Dentistry!  We are so fortunate to be able to teach the career that we have loved doing (and are still doing!) for over 25+ years!  

Visit our website, request an application or come and take a tour of our school!  Meet Dr. Richard D. Martinez and our instructors!  

See how you can become a Dental Assistant in 10 weeks!  We think you'll love our hands-on program!

Visit our website below: Salt Lake Academy of Dental Assisting
(801) 930-0115

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