Friday, August 7, 2015

Why Do We Use Mannequins For Dental Radiology?

Salt Lake Academy of Dental Assisting invests in several Dental X-Ray mannequins (Dexter) which have radiographic teeth.  This enables students to get the very best training and as much practice as possible.

It is prohibited by law to practice radiography on each other.  By using Dexter, students can evaluate their X-Rays and adjust their technique until they get a perfect diagnostic X-Ray, without exposing each other to un-necessary radiation.

We also teach and use state of the art Digital Radiography in our office. What does Digital Radiography mean?  Instantaneous images, less radiation for patients and no dark room chemicals for our students/staff.

We spend 3 full weeks in Radiology Lab and after a final exam, our students are Radiology Certified for the State of Utah.

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