Monday, June 9, 2014

Testimonials from our Spring 2014 Students

We love getting feedback from our students, this ensures that we stay on top of our teaching techniques to help our students achieve their goals!

Here are a few testimonials from our Spring Session 2014

I really enjoyed being a student at The Salt Lake Academy of Dental Assisting.  I made the decision to come based on their fair tuition pricing and the expedited course time of 10 weeks!  Terina and Jeri supply the students with interesting academic and clinical information at each class.  The most helpful way to learn is to apply the "book work" knowledge to the dental lab immediately after learning about them in lectures.  I am also a college student, and this Dental Assisting course is the first one I have taken where, upon completion, I have a marketable and professional skill set that I can put to use right away! Thank you Jeri, Terina and Dr. Martinez!  -Kerri

I loved everything about this program, it has been an amazing 10 weeks learning new things and working in the lab.  I'd like to thank Terina and Jeri for working so hard to make everything perfect for us and always giving us 100% of their time and attention. I'd also like to give a shout-out to Dr. Martinez for always giving us pointers and advice to guide us in the future. I know my dental journey won't stop here.  This program has made me so much more excited to become a Dentist.  Thank you for helping me start my journey!  I promise to always make you proud!  Like Dr. Martinez always says, "Hasta-Lasagne"  -Soulmaz

I joined this program to get a first-hand knowledge of Dentistry and Dental Assisting in the United States and I can safely say I was not disappointed. The practical knowledge and techniques that I have learned here came in handy when I went into clinics as an extern, which I believe otherwise would have not been possible. The instructors Terina and Jeri are awesome. They teach you everything you need to know about Dental Assisting, from dental techniques to code and conduct in the dental office and the ways to deal with tricky situations. Dr. Martinez was kind enough to let me come to his clinic and observe him doing dental procedures and to complete my internship with him. He helped me understand various aspect of dentistry, treatment planning and procedures. He managed to answer all my queries taking time from his busy schedule. This experience is definitely going to be an asset to my pre-dental experience and will help me afterwards too. Besides the Dental Assisting Certificate, I also received CPR and Dental Radiology. Other schools take more than 10 months to teach you the things this school taught me in 10 weeks.
I would definitely recommend this program to anyone who is looking for quality education and a career in Dental Assisting.   -Ritika

The teachers are fantastic! I've learned so much throughout this program!  It was super fast and I wish it was longer because SLADA is such a great environment to be in.  The other students were wonderful too and I believe this is the best program to attend and I wouldn't have gone to any other place!  Coming here makes learning interesting and exciting and I loved all the hands-on training that we received in the lab.  This is hands down, the very best program anyone can attend!  -Edith

Terina and Jeri are great instructors!  They are amazing, funny and super duper sweet!  I learned so many things and enjoyed all of the classes. I will miss this program very much! 

This program is very "hands-on" because of the smaller class size.  The instructors are phenomenal and they are awesome teachers and friends!  I looked forward to coming to class every week. They really want to help you and make the learning fun!  It's sad to think that my time here is over, if I had the chance to go back and do it over again, I totally would!  A great program!  -Samantha
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Welcome Summer Semester Students!

Our Summer Semester is officially underway and we have another great group of students!   We have been so fortunate to have such motivated and amazing students in our program.

As instructors, we look forward to class night because we get to share our passion for Dentistry and we get to have a lot of fun!