Saturday, June 4, 2016

Congratulations SLADA Spring Class of 2016! Here is what they had to say about their experience!

I researched other dental assisting schools and I am so happy I chose SLADA!  Jeri, Terina and Jordan are so knowledgable! They know the profession very well and teach in such a fun way!  I got hired before I graduated thanks to Jeri!  I really enjoyed my time here and would recommend this school to everyone!  Amy

I was honestly a little scared to start this new chapter in my life, but coming to Salt Lake Academy of Dental Assisting was the best decision I made!  Terina, Jeri, Jordan and Dr. Martinez are AWESOME!  I love how the do everything they can so each of us can succeed in our careers.  I am truly grateful for this opportunity and I am looking forward to putting my skills into action!  Thank you SLADA! ❤️  Irene

Salt Lake Academy of Dental Assisting was an amazing experience!  I love how even though the program was only 10 weeks, we learned a lot!  The instructors are always willing to help you and it was great to be able to start our externships after week 5.  With this program, I received a mini iPad and it helped me study and prepare for each test. I absolutely loved my experience at this school!  Adriana

SLADA is an amazing course that I would personally recommend if you are looking to enter the dental field and don't want to go to school for a year and get a bunch of debt. It's affordable and super fast, and they prepare their students for a job in the dental field in just weeks.  Terina, Jeri, Jordan, my instructors, work alongside Dr. Martinez to cover lectures and hands on labs.  Because the classes are so small, each student gets individualized attention.  Also, Jeri was always there for me when I had any questions (even outside of class!)  As a hands on learner, I really appreciated the time SLADA takes to allow students to practice in a dental setting and engage with fellow students.  Overall, SLADA is a great choice to get started in an exciting new career!  Olga

I really enjoyed coming to SLADA because the staff was very professional, very fun!  They had a fun way of teaching and the curriculum was great.  I can't wait to go out and start my dental assisting career!  Jeri and Terina were amazing instructors. I loved every minute and can't wait to start working! Thank you guys for everything!  Gracie

Jeri, Terina and Jordan made learning a lot of fun and so easy to understand.  They have fun teaching methods and they make sure you feel comfortable and ready for your new career in Dental Assisting.  Thank you SLADA!  Ashley

I have absolutely loved my time here at SLADA!  I so glad I chose this school because I have gained a love for dentistry that I never knew I had.  I am so excited to start my career as a dental assistant!  Thank you so much for everything!  Erin

I learned many new things at SLADA.  The instructors and Dr. Martinez are so nice and it was so much fun spending time with them learning about teeth!  I would like to give my thanks to Jeri and Terina.  Amrita

Tonight is the very last night at SLADA and it breaks my heart.  I will treasure all of the things I learned here, for the rest of my life. Jeri, Terina, Dr. Martinez and Jordan didn't just teach me how to become a dental assistant, they taught me how to make and keep lasting friendships.  I pushed myself during the fast 10 week program and it paid off because I received a job offer in week 7!  I will miss you guys laughing at my jokes so I wasn't just laughing at myself!  I will always cherish the friendships gained and I love every one of you. I would recommend you to anyone contemplating dental assisting.  Thank you for more than teaching me how to start my career!  I will miss you so much!  Star

My time and SLADA was awesome!  I loved the instructors and their willingness to help.  They really take care of their students!  Jocelyn