Friday, February 23, 2018

10 Week Dental Assisting School - Salt Lake Academy of Dental Assisting

We started 2018 with a bang!  Our new class is fun and very motivated!  We have several students in this group who are planning on attending Dental School and becoming Dentists!  Yay, we love when our students share our passion for this amazing profession! 

If you would like more information about our program, please email us at or call us at 801-930-0115.  We are now accepting applications for Spring Semester which starts on April 17, 2018! Visit our website too!

Monday, January 1, 2018

Testimonials from Fall 2017

We closed 2017 with a great group of students!  This class scored the second highest cumulative GPA in the history of SLADA.  Way to go FALL Semester Dental Assistants! 

We loved working with our students and love hearing what they have to say after graduation!  We take each and every comment to heart and we learn from their comments.  We continually strive to make Salt Lake Academy of Dental Assisting the best it can be! 

Testimonials below:

The instructors and their teaching methods is great. I really enjoyed the time that I have spent studying at SLADA. It helps me a lot in my professional life in the dental office. SLADA is doing such a great job in the way they teach, treat and help people be productive in society.  Thanks SLADA for all of your support and help. Jose

I LOVED my instructors! They were so nice, funny and understanding! I liked how they wanted to have fun. I loved the hands-on time, it helps so much and for me, I learn better with the hands-on. I also love how clean and welcoming Dr. Martinez's office is. I refer everyone to see you guys. Also, my resume is Bad @**! It looks SO amazing! My classmates were great and the small class helps a lot! Kylee

I've really enjoyed my time as a student at SLADA! I've learned so much in the last 10 weeks, it's truly unbelievable. Although it took lots of late night study sessions, I managed to complete this course while working 40 hours a week because of the convenient night hours. Terina and Jeri are great instructors and they really make the class fun! I feel ready and excited to start work in the Dental field! Halee

I really appreciated how committed Terina and Jeri were to our learning and better our education. I could really feel that they both wanted us to succeed as Dental Assistants. I also love the night hours which allowed me to be able to work full time during the day.

The instructors were very welcoming and informative. The curriculum provides so much useful information and it is easy, if you study. The labs are fun and provide good basic experience for working in a dental office.  Even though I had never done a resume in my life, creating an awesome one went so smoothly thanks to Jeri!  I loved the night hours, it made maintaining a regular life, simple.  Alexis

I absolutely loved going to SLADA! Jeri and Terina are so kind and helpful and you can tell that they really want their students to succeed! The program is wonderfully designed to give you terminology along with hands-on experience. I would absolutely recommend SLADA to all my friends wanting to pursue the dental field.  Rachel