Friday, August 7, 2015

Why Do We Use Mannequins For Dental Radiology?

Salt Lake Academy of Dental Assisting invests in several Dental X-Ray mannequins (Dexter) which have radiographic teeth.  This enables students to get the very best training and as much practice as possible.

It is prohibited by law to practice radiography on each other.  By using Dexter, students can evaluate their X-Rays and adjust their technique until they get a perfect diagnostic X-Ray, without exposing each other to un-necessary radiation.

We also teach and use state of the art Digital Radiography in our office. What does Digital Radiography mean?  Instantaneous images, less radiation for patients and no dark room chemicals for our students/staff.

We spend 3 full weeks in Radiology Lab and after a final exam, our students are Radiology Certified for the State of Utah.

Wednesday, August 5, 2015

What Our Graduates Are Saying About Us!

Our favorite part about Graduation is celebrating in our students accomplishments and seeing how their confidence and progress have grown over the past 10 weeks!

Our second favorite part is reading their Exit Interviews.  We gain much knowledge from our students and take each and every comment to heart.  We appreciate our students so much!

"I loved attending SLADA!  Before I attended this program, I was a patient of Dr. Martinez and he was the best dentist I've ever had, so when it came time to pick which Dental Assisting program to attend, there was no question.  I wanted to learn from the best and I was not disappointed.  The instructors here are excellent! They are very knowledgable and kind. They were always there to help. I was able to learn things quickly and efficiently and I even able to find a Dental Assisting job right before graduation! I'm so glad I was able to attend this program to give me a starting point in my dental career."   -Emilyann

"SLADA seriously changed my life.  I drove 2 hours to attend this program and  I'm 3 months out of high school.  I not only got a job in Week 7 of the program, but I also got a boost to my career!  I couldn't have done it without Dr. Martinez, Terina, Jeri and Jordan.  What amazing smart people they truly are!  They make you feel welcome and wanted and they truly care about your future.  I was so blessed by this program, the people I met and the knowledge I encountered. I encourage anyone looking for a new start, to attend SLADA.  You will never regret it!"  -Dailee

"I traveled from Mesa, AZ to attend this program. You could not have asked for better instructors than those at Salt Lake Academy of Dental Assisting! They were very supportive and were understanding and flexible to help me out.  I'm so glad I attended SLADA, it was well worth my time and money!"  -Cynthia

"The entire Salt Lake Academy of Dental Assisting team is awesome!  Terina and Jeri are both great instructors with tons of working experience to draw from.  They genuinely care about their students and are committed to helping everyone succeed in the course and in future dental endeavors.  I enrolled in this course as a Pre-Dental student wanting to get more hands-on dental experience that would compliment the doctor-shadowing that I have done.  The experience was invaluable and I would highly recommend this course to anyone considering Dental Assisting, Dental Hygiene or Dental School!"  -Steve  (Pre-Dental Student)

"I've had an interest in dental for awhile and I'm so glad I got the opportunity to take this class.  I've met some really awesome people through this program and I love how helpful everyone was!  I thought it was great to receive the iPad Mini's and make our own bleaching trays.  The iPad was very helpful for our practical tests. I've learned so much in this class and I love the job opportunities we get notified about.  I'd recommend this class to everyone!"  -Sabina

"I decided to take this class because I had an interest in going into Dental Hygiene and wanted to see if the dental profession was right for me.  After taking this class, I am now positive that this is right for me!  I loved coming to class and always had a fun time learning.  The lectures were easy to understand and I was never confused of what we needed to know.  The fill-in-the-blank binders are very helpful for taking notes and helped everyone pay attention without feeling overloaded with a bunch of information.   Terina and Jeri were awesome instructors and were always very helpful when I had questions.  I am so happy I took this class and I am positive what I have learned will help me pursue my dental career.  I also know that taking this class will help me be a confident Dental Assistant until I can get into hygiene school."  -Breanne

"I have loved being here at SLADA!  The instructors are wonderful!  They are very kind, helpful, funny and are great teachers!  As I seek to find a job in the dental field, I feel confident and ready to work.  You learn so much in a little time but everything works out great!  Such a friendly environment and a fun atmosphere!  Being here has made me excited to work in the dental field and further my career in this profession.  I love SLADA, Terina and Jeri are the best!"  -McKenzie

"If one word can describe my experience from taking this program it is: AMAZING!  Terina, Jeri and Jordan are great instructors, they are helpful and they make sure you understand what they are teaching.  I am sad to see my time come to an end but very excited to see what the future holds for me in the dental field!  I am ready to take what I've been taught and apply it to the real world.  If you are thinking about the dental field, think of SLADA for the place to do it!"  -Amanda (Pre-Dental Student)

"Salt Lake Academy of Dental Assisting is an amazing program!  Terina and Jeri have such a passion for dentistry and help you understand everything you need to know.  They truly want to show us the joy of helping people achieve a beautiful smile.  I would definitely recommend SLADA to anyone who has an interest in the dental field!"  -Heather

"Salt Lake Academy of Dental Assisting has given me a great learning experience.  The class material was very informative and I loved the hands-on experience in the lab.  I would recommend this course to anyone wanting to work in the dental field!"  -Kevin (Pre-Dental Student)